Caesarea Lodge No. 64


Formation of Alpha Lodge #64 

April 13, 1863

A number of Master Masons living at Keyport, and vicinity, assembled by agreement at the Hotel of Brother Isaac Flerbert in the town of Keyport, on the evening of April 13, 1863. The object of the meeting was stated to be the desire to organize a Masonic Lodge in the Town of Keyport. The following brethren were present, viz; Calvin C. Burt, Isaac Herbert, Joseph K. Lewis, Matthias Taylor, George Creary, John H. Magee, B.H. Porter, W.W. Christine and Samuel Lockwood. The meeting having been duly opened, it was resolved that a dispensation for a Lodge at Keyport be drawn and a committee appointed for that purpose.

At a subsequent meeting, the petition was presented signed by Brothers Samuel Lockwood, W. William Christine, Joseph K. Lewis, Matthais Taylor, Calvin C. Burt, Isaac Herbert, George W. Johnson, John Magee and Henry S. Little. The following brethren have been selected as officers of the Lodge viz: Calvin C. Burt WM, Joseph K. Lewis SW, and Matthais Taylor JW.

May 26, 1863

A recommendation from Olive Branch Lodge No. 16 accompanied the petition. In compliance with the request of the petitioner, MW Isaac Van Wagoner, Grand Master caused the warrant of disposition to be issued, date June 2,1863.

June 19, 1863

In accordance with notice given, the brethren assembled. Present: MW Isaac Van Wagoner GM, RW Holmes W. Murphy DGM, RW Chancellor W. Chase JGW and the petitioner.

The Grand Master opened an emergent communication of the MW Grand Lodge. The Warrant of Disposition was read and a Lodge was organized under the following officers, viz; Calvin C. Burt WM, Joseph K. Lewis SW, Matthais Taylor JW, Henry S. Little Treas. p.t., W. William Christine Secretary, Samuel Lockwood SD, George W. Johnson JD, B.H. Porter and Ceorge Creary M of C and William J. Poole Tyler.

June 23, 1863

The Lodge met; Petitions for the degrees of masonry were received from Joseph C. Arrowsmith, Francis Van Gieson, Timothy I. Murphy and Holmes C. Crawford and referred to committees of investigation. Brothers Lockwood, Herbert and Johnson were appointed a Finance Committee. The lodge resolved to meet every Tuesday evening. Brother William McConkey was appointed Tyler of the Lodge.

July 7, 1863

The lodge resolved to borrow the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars. Petitions for membership were received from David Ackerman, Peter Metzger, Jacques Gordon, Charles R. Hartrauft, John B. Crawford, Charles S. Van Mater and Thaddeus Beers. All of which were referred to Committees of Investigation.

July 14, 1863

Committees to purchase working tools and a carpet were appointed.

July 21, 1863

The degree of Entered Apprentice was conferred on Joseph C. Arrowsmith, Francis Van Gieson and Holmes C. Crawford.

Aug 4, 1863

The Master informed the lodge that he had secured the lease of the lodge rooms in Chingarora Hall for the term of five years.

Aug 11, 1863

"Two extremely elegant copies of the Holy Scriptures, the gift of WB William Little of Middletown Point was presented by the SD. In a speech making feeling allusions to the age of the venerable mason, shoes gift they were." The Master made a suitable response. A committee was appointed to express to the donor the thanks of the Lodge. It was ordered that a suitable inscription be placed in the books. Brother Lockwood read a sketch of the history of the origin of Alpha Lodge.

Sept 10, 1863

Brother Holmes C. Crawford was passed to the degree of Fellowcraft.

Sept 16, 1863

By virtue of a dispensation from the MW Grand Master, the sublime degree of Master Mason was conferred to Brother Leonard J. Johnston.

Jan. 12, 1864

The death of the venerable Brother William Little of Middletown Point was announced to the Lodge. Resolutions of respect and condolence were presented, adopted, and a copy of the resolution was ordered sent to the widow of the deceased. The altar of the Lodge was draped in mourning.

The committee on By-Laws presented their report, and the same having been considered and approved, a copy was ordered to be sent to the Grand Master for his examination and approval. A vote of thanks to the several officers of the lodge while working under dispensation was adopted. A device for a Seal was presented.

Jan. 20, 1864

The Grand Lodge ordered that a warrant issued to Calvin C. Burt WM, Joseph K. Lewis SW, and Matthais Taylor JW for a Lodge, to be known and distinguished as Alpha Lodge No. 64

Feb. 2, 1864

Pursuant to notice given, the Brethren assembled. A Lodge was opened under the following officers, viz: RW Holmes W. Murphy DGM, Jacob Lawrence SW, Alfred Walters JW, John L. Sproul Treas., George W. Holmes Secy., Samuel Lockwood SD, Holmes C. Crawford JD, Leonard L. Johnston Tyler. Members present: Calvin C. Burt George W. Johnson, Isaac Herbert, Joseph Van Cleaf, Frederick D. Woodruff; John B. Crawford, William H. Crawford, George Creary and John H. Magee. Visiting Brethren: Brother Hart of Continental Lodge N.Y.

The RW Deputy Grand Master then proceeded to constitute the Lodge under the warrant, and install the following officers, viz: Calvin C. Burt WM, Joseph K. Lewis SW, Matthais Taylor JW, John L. Sproul Treas., George W. Holmes Secy., Samuel Lockwood SD, Holmes C. Crawford JD, Leonard J. Johnson Tyler, Bros. Potter and Crawford M of C and William W. Christine Chaplain. The officers were thereupon conducted to their several stations and places, where the Master delivered an appropriate address. He then appointed Trustees and a Finance committee. RW Holmes W. Murphy DGM then delivered an eloquent address.

Feb. 17, 1864

The Lodge attended the funeral of Brother John H. Magee deceased. Rev. Brother William W. Christine conducted the services in the church. The Lodge conducted the usual Masonic services at the grave. The Lodge adopted resolutions of respect and condolence.

April 20, 1864

By request of many of the Brethren, MW William Silas Whitehead GM visited the Lodge. RW Holmes W. Murphy DGM and RW Flenry R. Cannon SGW accompanied him. After all matters in difference had been freely discussed, it was determined by a vote twelve to four against to surrender the warrant. It was thereupon delivered to the MW Grand Master who declared the labor of Alpha Lodge No. 64 ended.



May, 1864

In the month of May 1864, a petition for a dispensation for a new lodge signed by a large proportion of the former members of Alpha Lodge No. 64 was presented to MW Grand Master Whitehead.

The petition was signed by Brothers Joseph K. Lewis, Samuel Lockwood, Matthais Taylor, George W. Johnson, W. Williun Christine, Brewster H. porter, Joseph Van Cleaf, Isaac Herbert, George W. Holmes, Frederick D. Woodruff, William H. Crawford, John Britton, Leonard J, Johnston, George W. Taylor, Francis Van Gieson, Holmes C. Crawford, William Francis McConkey, Alexander Paul and John L. Sproul. The petition was accompanied by a recommendation from St. Stephens Lodge, dated May 23, 1864.

June 1, 1864

Brother George W. Holmes, late secretary of Alpha Lodge No. 64, issued a certificate, under the Seal of the Lodge, that the dues of the following members of the late Alpha Lodge No. 64, had been paid in full up to the date of the surrender of the warrant, viz: Joseph K. Lewis, Matthais Taylor, Samuel Lockwood, Isaac Herbert, George W. Johnson, Ilrewster H. Porter, Alexander Paul, Joseph Van Crawford, John S. Sproul, William H. Crawford, George W. Holmes, Leonard L. Johnson, Frederick D. Woodruff, John Britton, and Charles S. Van Mater.

The following persons had been elected to receive the degrees of masonry before the Warrant of Alpha Lodge No. 64 was surrendered, but had not been initiated, viz: Charles W. Fountain, Austin Reed, Benjamin Decker and Eusebius M. Walling. Fountain, Decker, and Walling subsequently became members of Caesarea Lodge No. 64.

June 22, 1864 

Pursuant to notice given, the Brethren assembled in their lodge room in Chingarora Hall at Keyport on the evening of June 22, 1864. Present: MW William Silas Whitehead GM, RW Holmes W. Murphy DGM, W. Augustus L. Wilcox Grand Marshal, Bros. Aaron R. Throckmorton and Charles Ellis of Olive Branch Lodge No. 16 and the members of the proposed new lodge.

An emergent communication of the Grand Lodge having been opened, the MW Grand Master presented the Warrant of Disposition for the new Lodge to Joseph K. Lewis as Worshipful Master, Matthais Taylor as Senior Warden and Samuel Lockwood as Junior Warden. The Master having been conducted to his station, appointed the following officers viz: John S. Sproul Treasurer, George W. Holmes Secretary, Holmes C. Crawford SD, John Britton JD, Isaac Herbert and George W. Taylor M of C. The Finance Committee was appointed. Application was made to the Grand Master for the privilege of using the furniture of the late Alpha Lodge No. 64 until the annual session of the Grand Lodge. The Grand Master gave his permission. The Lodge agreed to assume and pay all just debts of the late Alpha Lodge. It was decided to hold regular meetings on every alternate Wednesday night. Petitions of membership were presented from James S. Wheeler and John P. Bormell and referred to committees of investigation.

July 6, 1864

The Lodge met. Petitions for membership were received from Alfred E. Letts, M. Landsberg and Peter Snyder were referred to committees of investigation. It was on motion, resolved, that the following Brethren of the late Alpha Lodge No. 64 receive their degrees without the payment of additional fees, viz: Jacques Gordon, Joseph C. Arrowsmith, George J. Kibber, Cornelius Britton, John W. Herbert, Robert H. Storms, Judson Shackleton, Timothy J. Murphy, Peter Metzger, David Ackerman, Alfred Walling, Aaron Bedle, Hibbard Matthais, Earl Ingalls and Francis Cottrett and also that the following petitioners of the former lodge be initiated and the usual fee remitted, viz: Charles W. Fountain, Austin Reed, Benjamin Decker, Carl Stout and J. Stoney,

July 20, 1864

The degree of Entered Apprentice was conferred on James S. Wheeler and John P. Bormell.

August 13, 1864

The degree of Master Mason was conferred for the first time in the new lodge upon Earl Ingalls and Timothy J. Murphy. These Brethren had been crafted in Alpha Lodge No. 64.

January 18, 1865

The Grand Lodge ordered that a Warrant issued to Samuel Lockwood WM, Brewster H. Porter SW, and Benjamin Decker SW, for a Lodge to be known and designated as Caesarea Lodge No. 64. The Lodge then numbered 45 Masters, 7 Fellowcrafts, and 2 Entered Apprentices.

February 1, 1865

The Brethren assembled pursuant to the notice given. An emergent session of the Grand Lodge was opened under the following officers, viz: MW William Silas Whitehead FM, WB David J. Campfield SGW pt, Joseph Van Cleaf JGW pt, Frederick D. Woodrutr RWG Secy. pt, John S. Sproul, Grand Treasurer pt, George Creary SGD pt, Francis Cotrell JGD pt, George W. Taylor Grand Steward pt, W. John Sheville Grand Chaplain pt, W. William mead Grand Marshal pt, E. Walker Grand Tyler pt. Present: Brothers Decker, Herbert, Walling, Letts, Landsberg, Van Mater, Foutain, Alfred Walling, W.H. Crawford, Porter, Shackleton, Paul, Pierce, Johnson, Britton, Murphy, Brown and Metzger Wheeler, Poole, John Britton, and Samuel Lockwood all of Caesarea Lodge, UD. Bros. J. Lloyd of Charter Oak Lodge No. 249 N.Y., T. Robinson of Henry Clay Lodge No. 277 N.Y., J. Hesler of Trinity lodge No. 12 N.Y., Lane of Key West Lodge of Florida. The WM Grand Master thereupon proceeded to constitute the Lodge and install the following officers.


Samuel Lockwood Worshipful Master 
Bruster H. Porter  Senior Warden
Benjamin Decker  Junior Warden
Frederick L. Woodruff  Sr. Deacon
Francis Cottrell Jr. Deacon
Isaac Herbert and George W. Taylor Masters of Ceremonies
Benjamin B. Pearce Steward
George W. Holmes Secretary
Joseph S. Sproul Treasurer
Jacob R. Smith Tyler


David Ackerman J. K. Lewis
Joseph C. Arrowsmith Rev Samuel Lockwood
J.P. Bonnell William F. McConkey
Cornelius Britton Alfred F. Milner
R. Willis Brown Timothy I. Murphy
W.W. Christine Alexander Paul
John B. Crawford Jr. B.B. Pearce
Holmes C. Crawford Wm. Poole
Wm. B. Crawford B.H. Porter
George Creary John Rogers
F. Cottrell Judson G. Shackleton
Benjamin Decker Sr. Peter Snyder
Charles W. Fountain J.S. Sproul
Isaac Herbert G.W. Taylor
William P. Hillyer Matthais Taylor
George W. Holmes Joshua Van Cleaf
Earl Ingalls Francis Van Gieson Sr.
George W. Johnson Alfred Walling
L.J. Johnson E.M. Walling
Mark Landsberg J.S. Wheeler
Alfred E. Letts F.D. Woodruff 


Aaron Bedle Hubbard Matthews
I.V. Gordon Horatio Smith
G.J. Kibbee Joel Smith



John Dorn John Herbet

March 29, 1865

The Master installs George W. Holmes, Secretary of the Lodge.

July 19, 1865

The Lodge received an official visit from MW William S. Whitehead GM who was accompanied by RW Holmes W. Murphy DGM, W. William Mead G. lecturer, WB Charles S. Clifford PM, and WB Oscar Valentine PM.

December 20,1865

The Lodge held the first election of officers under the warrant resulting as follows viz: Samuel Lockwood WM, John Britton SW, George W. Taylor JW, Benjamin Decker Treasurer and Frederick D. Woodruff Secretary.

The lodge attended the funerals of the following deceased Brethren on the dates specified, and conducted the Masonic service at the graves of each, viz: Bro. Peter Snyder on Jan. 26 1866, Bro. John Ward on Jan. 2, 1867, Bro. Thomas Moon (unaffiliated) on June 4, 1867. Resolutions of respect were adopted upon each occasion.

April 25, 1866

The death of Brother Daniel A. Carhart (a Fellowcraft) having been announced, resolutions of respect were adopted.

Oct. 9, 1867

A number of Master Masons residing at or near the Village of Matawan exemplified the work of masonry and received from the Lodge a recommendation for the formation of a new lodge at that place. The lodge attended the funerals of the following deceased Brethren on the dates specified and conducted the Masonic services at the grave of each, viz: Bro. John Patterson of New York City July 12, 1873, Bro. Daniel B. McDowell on Feb. 18, 1874, Bro. Frederick Hoffman on Nov. 26, 1874. Resolutions of respect were adopted in each case.

August 13, 1873

Resolutions of respect were adopted upon the announcement of the death of Br. John Crawford and on May 5, 1875, resolutions of respect and condolence were adopted upon the announcement of the death of Bro. Hubbard Matthews. The lodge attended the funerals of the following deceased Brethren upon the dates hereinafter mentioned and conducted the usual Masonic ceremonies at the grave of each, viz: Bro. Enoch Walker of Hohen* Lodge No. 56 of N.Y. on Dec. 1, 1879, Bro. Thomas Robinson on April 9, 1881, Bro. Cornelius Britton on March 17, 1883. Upon each occasion the Lodge adopted resolutions of respect and condolence.

February 20, 1882

The lodge presented a Past Master Jewel to WB Benjamin B. Pearce PM.


Caesarea convened in Chingarora Hall until 1883, when the lodge moved to the McKinney Building, corner of Broad and Fronts Streets.

December 7, 1885

The Master of the Lodge declared the election of Bro. Alfred Walling, Jr. on May 30, 1883, to be null and void, the dimit from his former lodge not having been deposited. The Lodge attended the funerals of the following deceased Brethren and conducted Masonic funeral services at the grave of each upon the dates herein after mentioned viz: Bro. Timothy J. Murphy on Jan. 20, 1889, Bro. Peter Metzger on June 26, 1889, Bro. Asbury W. Walling on Jan. 9, 1890.

March 15, 1920

During this communication, discussions were held to find a new home when the current lease expired. When it was noted that the rent would be raised by $50.00 to $200.00 per annum. A committee was formed A.S. Van Buskirk, G.W. Aumack and C.E. Cokelet to find a new home.

(Insert: From the beginning of this lodge a meeting room was always a rented or leased space. During the aforementioned meeting on March 15, 1920, discussions were held to purchase a new home or secure land and build a lodge. Committees were formed; parcels of land, with and without buildings suitable for a temple were investigated. All were eventually rejected. WB Arthur S. Van Buskirk informed the lodge that to make things more difficult, Caesarea Lodge was not incorporated, and a Masonic Lodge could not be incorporated. They could not negotiate in the sale of a building, issuing of notes, or borrowing of money. Brother Van Buskirk was to form a committee of one and resolve the problem. Thereby the Masonic Association of Keyport was formed, which would be incorporated under the laws of New Jersey. This corporation had the power to purchase land and secure a mortgage. After many years of rejection, the lodge found a parcel of land with building suitable for our purposes. It was located facing Cross Street (later named Third Street), between Division and Osborn Streets. Enclosed herewith is a short history of the land and home. When the home was built, Mr. Thomas V. Arrowsmith owned the property. Mr. Arrowsmith was a farmer, a clerk of a steamer line, a captain for 20 years of the Keyport Steamboat Line, and the final fourteen years of his life, the County Clerk of Monmouth County in Freehold. Mr. Arrowsmith built this house between the years 1851 and 1855 and raised eight children. In 1868 he moved to Freehold to be near his place of employment. The lodge purchased the parcel from Ms. Eveleen Templeton, filed January 15, 1927 and proceeded to remodel the building to the way it stands today.)

June 6, 1921

This committee was discharged and a new committee consisting of George Keller, John Keough, George Henn, Arthur Philo and Frank Hauser was appointed by the WM. Several lots and parcels of property were found but each was rejected. On September 19, 1921, the lodge was informed that the rent would be increased to $600.00 per annum. WB Arthur S. Van Buskirk informed the lodge that Caesarea could not purchase property or make loans to purchase due to the fact that the lodge was not incorporated. The motion authorizing the Trustees to purchase property was rescinded.

December 21, 1921

The Masonic Association of Keyport was incorporated under "An Act to Incorporate Associations not for Pecuniary Profit." The purpose of which is to maintain a lodge or meeting room for Caesarea Lodge No. 64.

October 15, 1923

Past Masters Chas. Miller and John W. Keough celebrated their 50th Anniversary. The Brothers moved the celebration to the Public Library.

September 15, 1924

The Trustees were authorized to turn over to the Masonic Association necessary funds to purchase the property recommended.

May 3, 1926

Notice of committee found to investigate Templeton property.

November 7, 1927

The lodge was ordered to vacate by Feb. 1, 1928 by the Keyport Banking Company.

November 21, 1927

Secretary requested to obtain special dispensation to meet in Masonic Building, Third and Osborn on January 1, 1928.

December 12, 1927

The last Master Masons raised in the McKinney Building were Stockton H. Hopkins, Donald S. Lockwood and John Dewey Walker.

June 10, 1928

The Lodge participated in the cornerstone laying of the Keyport High School.

October 15, 1928

The Masonic Association asked meetings be arranged for November and December, building will be remodeled.

After vacating the rooms in the McKinney Building, Caesarea Lodge, by dispensation, held its communications in the rooms of Bayside Lodge, I.O.O.F., pending remodeling of the new building purchased by the lodge.

The building committee formed to remodel the building in 1928 was G. Warren Aumack, Charles H. Miller, John W. Keough, George Henn, A.A. Philo, Harvey S. Bedle Sr. and Louis Stultz Jr. The architects were J. Noble Pierson and Sons. The subcontractors were Zacheus Snyder Jr., plumbing and heating, William Turner Jr., painting and Rudolph Vogel, electrical work. The General Contractor was the Tedesco Construction Co. of South Amboy.

December 20, 1928

Caesarea Lodge had a total membership of 285.

February 4, 1929

Caesarea Lodge held its first communication this Monday in the temple, where it now stands on Third, Osborn, and Division Streets. The following officers presided over this communication.

Judson E. Hudson Worshipful Master
George S. Hyer, PM Senior Warden
Walter Freudenthal Junior Warden
G. Warren Aumack, PM Secretary
Ronald C. Dey, PM Treasurer
Frederick Bornkamp Senior Deacon
Henry E. Martin Junior Deacon
Stockton H. Hopkins Sr. Master of Ceremonies
Daniel S. Weigand Jr. Master of Ceremonies
Donald S. Lockwood Senior Steward
J. Lester Junior Steward
George Birch Jr., PM Marshal
John W. Foster, PM Chaplain
Charles H. Sandman Tyler


April 15, 1929

The completed temple was officially presented to the Masonic Association.

November 18, 1929

WB Chas. Miller PM and Asbury Walling celebrated 50 years in Masonry and received Gold Tokens from Grand Lodge.

January 21, 1935

The Lodge celebrated a Seventieth Anniversary, the Most Worshipful Grand Master, Francis P. Morton and his staff of Grand Lodge Officers was present.


The Grand Lodge this year recommended and approved the presentation of twenty-five year pins. The following Brothers Aaron S. Van Buskirk, Harvey Bronner, O.D. Walling, Charles Sandman, Issac Person, William A. Wallace, Peter A. Sunderland, and William Pries received the twenty-five year awards.

April 8, 1939

A contingent from this lodge and about 200 persons attended the cornerstone ceremonies at Monmouth Lodge in Atlantic Highlands.

April 7, 1947

The WM read a letter from Bro. Julius Pearson of Miami, Florida describing an experience he had attending a lodge in Assam, India.

April 21, 1941

Brother Charles H. Rupp of Monmouth Lodge No. 172 presented the Lodge with 7 volumes "History of Freemasonry."

May 19, 1947

Burning of mortgage committee set for 6/27/47, a Friday. $100.00 allotted by Lodge for event.

June 27, 1947

A special occasion was held for the purpose of burning the note mortgage. MW Frank Kovach, Grand Master of Masons for the State of New Jersey and other distinguished members of Grand Lodge were present.

October 6, 1947

A request for the letter "G" to be placed in the East. One found in the cellar, but was too large.

October 20, 1947

A letter "G" built by Alton Walling with bulbs supplied by Hewitt Wharton was presented and placed in the Lodge.

October 25, 1950

At the Annual Ladies Night, a bank mortgage was burned by WB Harvey Bronner, our oldest living Past Master and assisted by WB C. Kenneth Gehlhaus.

November 11, 1947

Claude Raynor installed the fire escape at a cost of $353.00.

February 2, 1948

Masonic Association Trustees received an offer to sell part of adjoining property.

March 15, 1948

Vote taken on recommendation of Trustees to sell property, defeated 38 to 10.

June 6, 1949

An offer to buy a parcel of the property by Christian Science Church for $5000.00 was rejected by the Trustees.

March 21, 1950

Final mortgage payment made, Lodge is completely out of debt.

June 4, 1951

Jersey Central Power and Light Company submitted a proposal to purchase property to build a new office building. The Borough of Keyport, for use as a Borough Hall, purchased the old building.

October 15, 1951

A proposal to purchase the Division Street property by the United Hebrew Congregation was referred to the Trustees.

March 17, 1951

The proposal to sell was denied on recommendation of the Trustees. The area is needed for parking and expansion.

December 3, 1951

Bro. Daniel H. Barnett of Tuscan lodge No. 115, presented a complete set of working tools in a plush case to the Lodge in honor of his father in law WB Harvey Bonner.

January 21, 1952

The Trustees were authorized to have the tenants vacate the garage building on Division Street and dismantle it.

June 6, 1952

A proposal by a contractor to build a post office on the property was denied.

June 1, 1953

The WM thanked the Trustees and everyone that participated in the installation of the exhaust fan on the roof.

June 21, 1954

A proposal to remodel the kitchen at a cost of approximately $1100.00 was discussed.

October 17, 1955

An outside metallic bulletin board which can be illuminated will be replace the old wooden unit that is in poor condition at a cost of $279.00.

April 2, 1956

Caesarea assumed responsibility of the DeMoley Chapter after the Acacia Club ceased sponsorship.

March 25, 1957

Emergent communication to honor RW George Henn, PM, PGC on George Henn Night was well attended.

May 19, 1958

Adie Schultz informed the Lodge he would not be a candidate for Secretary after twelve years in that office.

August 23, 1958

An invitation from Philo Lodge #243 of South River to attend the cornerstone laying ceremony of there new Lodge.

June 15, 1959

Lodge voted not to have a Lodge of sorrow, but to continue and open lodge for each funeral.

October 5, 1959

Lodge saddened by passing on high of Senior Warden Matt Feldman.

December 21, 1959

A resolution was introduced to borrow $5000.00 to have work done on the building, painting in and out and a Brickote finish applied to the entire building.

April 18, 1960

Work on the Brickote has begun.

August 22, 1960

Treasurer Douglas Baker passed on high on August 19, 1960. Alfred R. Eckman was appointed to fill that vacancy.

June 5, 1961

New lawn mower purchased for: $280.00.

October 4, 1962

William DeMann, Tyler of this Lodge since 1931 was called on high. Brother DeMann was filling out a visitor card offered to him by Grant I. Vandermark of a Temple in Jersey city.

December 21, 1962

A Lodge of Sorrow was opened for the first time after a lengthy discussion and by a vote of 20 to 5.

March 1, 1965

MWGM Roland J. Behrans, Grand Staff, members of Caesarea and several hundred visitors joined together in celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Caesarea lodge.

June 7, 1965

The Lodge will send a letter of thanks for the bookcase and apron case that Bro. Wilbur Huylar made and presented to the Lodge.

October 30, 1965

Brother Michael Mariolis, who cooked many a fine meal for the Lodge had his restaurant the Shore point Inn destroyed by fire, a letter of sympathy will be sent.

June 17, 1968

After the usual closing Aberdeen Chapter of DeMolay entered the Lodge to celebrate 20 years at which Caesarea was the sponsoring Institution.

January 6, 1969

A York Rite Night will be held at Caesarea on Feb. 3,1969.

January 20, 1969

The Aberdeen Chapter of DeMolay requested and was granted use of the basement for game and recreation room.

The annual bowling tournament between the Lodge and DeMolay will be held on February 2, 1969 at 2PM.

May 6, 1969

A delegation from Ocean Grove Lodge #238 of Ocean Grove was admitted. A night of friendship and brotherly love was on tap for the evening.

May 18, 1970

A request from Grand Lodge to have our By-Laws updated was received. They had not been updated since 1895.

September 21, 1970

Gold Token Night: WB Arthur Van Buskirk and WB Harry Aumack received 60th year wreaths.

February 21, 1971

At a cost of $640.00 a new roof was installed on the Lodge building.

June 5, 1972

Gold Token Night: Bros. Edward Wharton, George Hegeman and Walter Cherry received 60th year wreaths. Bro Hewitt Wharton received his 50th year token.

September 18, 1972

A $620.00 bid to paint the entire exterior of the building, including the fire escape was accepted.

February 4, 1974

A film about a nuclear reactor to be placed in Salem, NJ was impressive.

February 18, 1974

The copula, which housed the fan on the roof of the lodge, would be removed and the roof repaired.

June 3, 1974

WB Dan Weigand received his 50th year pin from the DDGM.

September 16, 1974

A circus held by the Acacia Club was not as successful as planned.

February 1, 1975

An emergent communication for a visit from Friendship Lodge #7 of Chepachet, Rhode Island had a lodge of more than 70 Masons present. The RI lodge then conferred the MM degree on one of their members using Rhode Island ritual. A pin, a gold anchor with the Masonic emblem was presented by RI to all attending. The WM Leo Brown then presented all attending with a two flag with Masonic emblem in commemoration of the upcoming Bi Centennial in 1976.

March 3, 1975

The four columns on the front porch had been repaired.

April 21, 1975

On advice of council and his interpretation of the tax exempt rules of NJ, the Lodge would continue in the ownership of the Masonic Association of Keyport.

June 27, 1977

The lodge on an emergent communication held its first Widow's Night. Eighty six members and their guest were present and 20 widow pins were presented.

March 6, 1978

It was reported that the boiler had failed many times lately and must be replaced. A building fund pledge drive was conducted to pay for the installation.

March 20, 1978

The fire escape must be repaired at a cost of $125.00.

April 3, 1978

The lodge was opened with the playing of the organ by Bro Harold Raymond that he donated to the lodge.

June 19, 1978

WB Leo Brown reported that $12,000.00 had been received by pledges and the new boiler was installed.

October 16, 1978

The second annual Widow's Pin Night was held this evening.

April 20, 1981

The WM announced that an Altar and the Officers' chairs were donated by Abacus Lodge#78 of Long Branch.

October 1, 1979

Third annual Widow's Pin Night and nine widows were in attendance.

November 19, 1979

One hundred and thirty new chairs were received for the dining room; most of them were donated by the Acacia Club.

March 1, 1982

Great paint job on the exterior of the building, thanks to G. Bowne, B. Steneck and all workers. Past Masters room looks great. Rugs were to be installed in the hallway, vestibule, Tyler's' room and preparation room. RW Grant Vandermark PGC room was also progressing nicely.

April 5, 1982

A lodge of confusion was created when the lodge was vacant and on refreshment. There were fourteen Past Masters in attendance and all twelve of the lodge changes were detected, noting that they were all versed in lodge set-up.

June 7, 1982

The evergreen trees that have graced the front of the building were voted for removal, to comply with a request by the insurance company.

November 15, 1982

The Tyler's Room was dedicated to the memory of RW Grant I. Vandermark, PGC. The Tyler's room will hereafter be called "The Grant I. Vandermark Tyler's Room", by order of the membership of Caesarea Lodge No. 64. Mrs. Vandermark was in attendance and appreciated the honor bestowed her husband.

November 3, 1986

A committee was formed to review the possibility of moving. Either build a new building, buy another building or sell a portion of the property and rebuild on the same location. Details will be returned at a later date.

March 16, 1987

Progress reported on the sale of the building and grounds.

October 5, 1987

Ladies Night at Caesarea. Entertainment was by the Salaam Temple String Band. The Temple was filled with Masons and their ladies.

October 21, 1987

As usual many repair projects windows and doors and porch proceeding under the watchful eye of Bruce Steneck.

March 21, 1988

A Lodge of Dedication was opened; all joined the WM in singing "America". The Prologue, Scripture, Obligation, Charge, Working Tool for each of the Masonic Degrees were recited by the WM, SW, JW, Chaplain and Jr. Deacon. The evening was closed with all reciting the Tyler's Oath.

March 20, 1989

The Grand Opening of the Acacia Club in its new quarters was accompanied with special thanks to WB Leo Brown and Bro Dorman Walling. A plaque to that effect would be mounted on the doors of that facility.

June 25, 1996

This day will be long remembered as a disaster for the lodge. The Trustees were having the roof replaced and the company hired to make the repairs had finished for the day and left the grounds. A neighbor reported to the police department that smoke or steam was coming from the lower roof. Three hours later after the fire department left, the damage was accessed. The contractor had used a propane torch illegally and that was the cause of the fire. A front window and wall, the attic throughout received most of the fire damage. The ceiling in the main lodge room, the carpets, and the walls in the cellar had all extensive damage. The effort of many members and thanks to the insurance company the lodge was restored. During this entire episode no lodge meeting were missed or postponed.

August 4, 2001

After many attempts to sell off parts of the lodge or move to a new location an offer was presented to the membership. A builder made an offer to purchase one half of the lodge property for the purpose of building residential homes.

After many meeting, and generals discussion sessions, the Masonic Association agreed to approve the sale. The lodge building was in a general state of disrepair and many lists were drawn. The Trustees Robert Poling, Martin Spacht and Kevin Miller went out and received bids for the furbishing process. A new roof, installation of replacement windows, the exterior of the building was cleaned, primed and repainted. The front steps were replaced, doors repaired or replaced, the fire escape rehabbed. About one year of time passed before the entire project was completed. The finished job made the members of Caesarea proud again.



The following historical report was discovered during the search for historical information. It was not signed or dated but due to the other facts at hand it is quite accurate.


The Beginnings of Caesarea Lodge


The first mention of the possibility of a lodge being instituted in Keyport, New Jersey can be traced to the records of Olive Branch Lodge No. 16 of Freehold, New Jersey. Among the minutes of that Lodge we find.

"On May 26, 1863, a deputation from Keyport being present composed of seven brothers representing as many different Lodges applied to this lodge for a recommendation to the Grand Lodge to open a lodge at Keyport in this county."

"Whereupon the Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior Wardens proceeded to examine the proposed Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior Wardens, of the new lodge in open Lodge. This proving satisfactory, it was unanimously resolved that this lodge do recommend that the Most Worshipful Grand Master grant the petition of the Brethren for a Dispensation to open a lodge in Keyport in the county of Monmouth, they assuring him that they had provided a suitable room for opening the proposed lodge."


At the same communication of Olive Branch Lodge, Brother Samuel Lockwood applied for a demit from Olive Branch Lodge for the purpose of joining the new lodge in Keyport. His request was moved, seconded and granted.

The proposed Master of the New Lodge to be instituted in Keyport was one Calvin C. Burt, a member and Past Master of Charter Oak Lodge No. 219 of New York City. The records indicate that he demitted from Charter Oak Lodge on May 27th, 1863, so we can assume that he applied for and secured his demit on the day after Olive Branch Lodge granted permission for the institution of the lodge at Keyport within its territorial jurisdiction. The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey approved the granting of a dispensation to the Keyport group with Calvin C. Burt as the Master. This issuance of a warrant to this group was approved by the Grand Lodge of New Jersey at its Annual Communication on January 21, 1864, with the name of Alpha Lodge No. 64. The Lodge was instituted on February 2, 1864, by the Deputy Grand Master, Holmes w. Murphy.

There were some troubles within the lodge which for the most part involved the finances and accumulated debts of the Lodge within a few weeks after its institution. On April 20, 1864, only two months and 18 days after Alpha Lodge's institution, the Grand Master, William Silas Whitehead, his two Grand Wardens and others visited the lodge to look into the difficulties. William Silas Whitehead was a member of St. John's Lodge No. 1 in Newark and held the office of Grand Master for four years. He was a large man, standing some six foot seven inches in height and weighing three hundred pounds.

The meeting developed into something of a shouting match when the affairs of the lodge were discussed. Among other things that were said was a hot moment when the Master, Calvin C, Burt, called the Grand Master a SOB which did not make the discussion any easier. Suffice it to say, the Lodge voted to surrender the Warrant, perhaps to prevent having it suspended. The main point good point that may have come from this is that Calvin C. Burt withdrew from any further activity with the lodge or the group in Keyport. Most of the other members were desirous of continuing a lodge in Keyport.

So under the leadership of Samuel Lockwood, a minister of the Gospel in Keyport and several others from the surrounding area were successful in obtaining a dispensation for a new Lodge to be known as Caesarea Lodge. The dispensation for the lodge was granted on June 22, 1864, to such members of the defunct Alpha Lodge which had surrendered its charter on April 20, 1864. Caesarea Lodge No. 64 was warranted by the Grand Lodge of New Jersey at its Annual Communication of January 18, 1865, with Twenty three members and the following officers; Master Samuel Lockwood, Senior Warden Brewster H Porter, Junior Warden Holmes C Crawford.

Meetings of Caesarea Lodge No. 64 were held in the Holmes Academy, corner of Front and Church Streets, until January 1, 1883, when they moved to rooms prepared for them over McKinney's Drug Store, corner of Broad and Front Streets. In 1884 the member ship of Caesarea Lodge was forty-six. It might be added that Samuel Lockwood identified as a minister of the Gospel in his application for membership in Hiram Chapter No. 1 of Eatontown, was the holder of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and was an acknowledged expert in the field of paleontology and archaeology, and his dissertation on the structure of the soil and geography of Monmouth County is a masterpiece. It was reproduced in full in Franklin Ellis' "History of Monmouth County" published in 1884, and republished by the Shrewsbury Historical Society in 1973.